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        Quanzhou LuoJiang Best Plastics Co.,Ltd.

        was established in 1992. It is located in the Shuangyang Overseas Chinese Economic Development Zone in Luojiang, Quanzhou. It has rich heritage and is a professional manufacturer to produce various tourism tents. One of the manufacturers. The products are mainly plastic accessories of various tents and bags. The variety is complete. The entire series of more than 3,000 products. Some products are directly exported to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries. .......

        1992Quanzhou LuoJiang Best Plastics Co.,Ltd. was established in 1992

        3000A complete range of products, with over 3000 products in the entire series



        Buckle&Snap buckle series Plastic hook series Plastic buckle series Plastic ring series Rod hook series Pull tail clip series Stopper series

        application area

        The main products are plastic accessories for various tents and bags, with a complete range of over 3000 products in the entire series

        What's New

        Professional manufacturer of various plastic accessories for tourist tents

        How to choose an outdoor camping tent

        Analysis of Outdoor Tent Selection

        What kind of tents are prepared for tourism?

        Our Services

        The company adheres to the principle of
        Technological innovation, quality first
        Sincerity as the foundation and customer first
        Our business philosophy

        Dedicated to serving our customers
        Provide high-quality plastic accessories
        Products and services.


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